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Moving helpers in Berlin: Experienced students assist with your move

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Moving helpers with a truck

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Last-minute moves

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Furniture movers in Berlin

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Helpers with and without a truck in Berlin - Fast, professional, and at a fixed price!

Moving helpers Berlin: Your cheaply moving company for nationwide moves

Your move in Berlin should be done quickly and professionally? Look no further! Instead, contact our moving company in Berlin, which has been offering comprehensive moving assistance in Berlin for over 10 years.

We are your top-rated moving company in Berlin with 1647 positive reviews ⭐ (as of 30.09.2023).

Our moving team is here to make your move in Berlin effortless.

Our experienced moving helpers in Berlin will guide you through every step of your move, from planning to execution.

Moving professionals for private moves, corporate relocations, and long-distance moves within Germany and Europe.

Phone:030 886 77 711

Our student moving helpers are experienced and handle your valuables with special care.

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Moving can be stressful, but with our experienced team, it will go smoothly.

After your inquiry, we look forward to making initial contact with you. During this, we discuss your specific wishes. Our professionals then create a plan that suits you and support you throughout the move.

Once you have our offer, you can compare prices and services. This ensures that your move will go off without a hitch.

Don’t hesitate any longer – let us make your move stress-free together. Contact us today!

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Your moving company with affordable students and professional moving helpers

Studenten Umzug has already helped numerous private and corporate clients with their moves.

Are you looking for affordable and strong student moving helpers in Berlin? Great, then you are in the right place. We offer affordable moving helpers with and without a truck to and from Berlin.

You can book our friendly helpers starting from 2 hours. We are also available on weekends and holidays.

Move lightning fast with students: senior moves, no-parking zones,

packing service, kitchen assembly, painting services, refrigerator transport, washing machine transport, moving boxes, and more.

You can also find more information here: Services.

See for yourself the expertise of student moving helpers today.

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You can get this moving service from us

Our moving helpers provide top-notch service for your move. This is how the moving process works with Studenten Umzug Berlin.

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1. Free pickup and drop-off in Berlin

In Berlin, the arrival of our team is already included, so you don't have to worry about it.

entladen umzug transport

2. Loading and unloading, transportation

Our team ensures safe loading and unloading of your belongings. This way, your furniture enjoys a smooth transport to the destination.

Packmaterial Umzug

3. Basic packing materials (blankets, straps)

To protect your belongings, we provide the necessary materials such as blankets and straps.

Umzug Transportversicherung

4. Moving insurance

Ensuring safe transport is our priority. That's why we offer moving insurance to protect your property during the move.


5. Furniture assembly

In addition to transporting your furniture, we also take care of their professional assembly at your new location.

Messie Wohnung Entrümpelung

6. Decluttering a hoarder's apartment

Upon request, we also declutter hoarder's apartments. We take care of dismantling, transportation, and disposal of bulky waste, electronic waste, furniture, and kitchen items.

Moving costs for moves in Berlin

Our experience as a Berlin-based moving company is evident from the first phone call. Because with us, you get a competent contact person who advises you professionally from the start.

Unlike some providers who rely on automated moving calculators, we recognize the uniqueness of each move.

Because we understand that not every wardrobe or apartment is the same, and we take this into account in our individual consultation.

The costs for a move in Berlin vary depending on several individual factors. To give you a clear picture of the incurred costs, we consider various aspects:

Based on our experience, we create a quote that covers all scenarios to avoid surprises. This ensures transparent and fair pricing for your move in Berlin.

2 Movers
Starting from
2 hours
2 Movers + 3,5t Truck
umzugswagen 3,5t , ca. 15 kubikmeter
Strating from
2 hours
2 Movers + 7,5t Truck
umzugswagen 7,5 tonnen, ca 30 kubikmeter
Strating from
3 hours

Price list for moving helpers + truck

MoversWorking hoursPrice fromadditional hours
22 hours

85,- €

45,- €

33 hours

170,- €

55,- €

43 hours

195,- €

70,- €

53 hours

220,- €
80,- €

Prices for helpers without truck

MoversWorking hoursPrice from
2 hours26,- €

22 hours

48,- €

32 hours
72,- €

42 hours96,- €

52 hours120,- €

studentische umzugshelfer

Moving Company Berlin: Discover Your Advantages with Studenten Umzug

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable moving company in Berlin? Studenten Umzug offers you first-class service and high-quality services as an experienced moving company in Berlin. We are experts in moves in Berlin and have well-trained staff who are eager to help.

Studenten Umzug in Berlin is your professional partner for any move. Whether it’s private, office, or to another city or abroad, we have the experience and are at your service. We take care of the planning and organization to make your move successful and stress-free.

Would you like to learn more reasons for choosing Studenten Umzug or do you have questions about our moving service? As your moving company in Berlin, we are happy to present our wide range of services that make your move easier.

No-parking zone for your move

Finding parking in the city can be a challenge, especially during moves. We create no-parking zones so you can comfortably carry furniture and boxes and have a parking spot in front of your door.
For a smooth and damage-free office relocation or corporate move in Berlin, we offer you the necessary moving materials. Our moving team is highly experienced and handles moves for small and large companies every day. Payment is conveniently made upon completion of the job.

Piano transport

We understand that piano transport requires more expertise than just moving furniture. We transport your piano safely and undamaged to its new location, even internationally.

Furniture storage

Do you need space for your furniture and belongings? We have storage options for private and commercial customers. Perfect for summer furniture or in case of construction delays.

Private moves in Berlin

A private move can be stressful: planning after work, packing boxes, organizing a vehicle. Leave the stress to us and book Studenten Umzug for your private move in Berlin.

Moving in Berlin can be complicated: setting up no-parking signs, finding suitable helpers, and packing boxes on top of everything else. Treat yourself to professional support for your move in Berlin.

Moving company Berlin

Looking for a professional moving company in Berlin? Contact us with your requirements and quickly receive a fair quote for your move.

Spontaneous moves in Berlin

Is a spontaneous move on the horizon? We are your partner for fast and efficient express moves in Berlin. We are happy to help you with your move.

Long-distance moves Berlin

At Studenten Umzug, we understand that long-distance moves to Berlin, one of the liveliest cities in Europe, pose a special challenge.

Moving here is exciting and requires organization, such as apartment hunting, registration with the local authorities, and transportation of your belongings.

As specialists in moves to and within Berlin, we provide comprehensive support to students. Our experienced team assists you every step of the way – from transporting your furniture to organizing all formalities. Our goal is to make your move stress-free so you can focus on your studies or internship.

Choose Studenten Umzug for a worry-free move to Berlin. We offer transparent prices and a service tailored to your needs. Contact us for professional advice and support with your move.

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Classified ads are a popular method for finding moving helpers in Berlin. Studenten Umzug is a trusted provider that offers its services on platforms like eBay Kleinanzeigen.

They offer experienced and reliable helpers who can make the move smooth. Classified ads allow for an easy search for service providers in the area and provide reviews from other users.

Who knows the best moving helper

Finding a good moving helper can be difficult. Recommendations from friends or online reviews can help.

At Studenten Umzug, we take pride in our customers often referring to us as the best moving helpers. Our team consists of experienced professionals who work efficiently, carefully, and with a focus on customer satisfaction. The satisfaction of our customers is our best recommendation.

Moving company

Berlin, a vibrant metropolis, presents unique challenges for moves. Studenten Umzug is a leading moving company in Berlin that offers customized solutions for every move.

Whether it’s a private move, office relocation, or long-distance move, our team is ready to make your move efficient and stress-free. With our local expertise and wide range of services, we are setting new standards in the Berlin moving industry.

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The movers were very hardworking, apologized for the delay over the phone. The three people on site completed everything very quickly. They even took on an extra task that was not previously agreed upon. (100 kg washing machine to the 4th floor) We would book you again anytime. Thank you very much for everything.

Winter Beatle113

Everything went great for me! 3 helpers, we finished the complete move including a 40-minute drive within Berlin in 2 hours. However, I also helped myself because I didn't want to pay unnecessarily longer, each additional hour would have cost another 95 euros. Furniture was packed very professionally and a table was lifted through a very narrow hallway and tight door. A chair juggled on the head. The service is great and the price-performance ratio is top. I also had parking prohibition signs organized through the company.

Anni More

The movers were absolutely top-notch! They were punctual, friendly, and extremely efficient. With their professional handling of my furniture and personal belongings, I felt completely at ease. They carried out the move quickly and smoothly, without anything being damaged in the process. I am truly impressed by their service and can wholeheartedly recommend them. Many thanks to the entire team for the great support!


Everything went perfectly, the guys did a great job. They were punctual, polite, fast, and affordable. Although a wardrobe suffered a bit, I would gladly choose them again. Thanks again.

zufriedene kundin umzug
Silvia Eggers

Thank you very much for the last-minute commitment and the uncomplicated handling. I thought with my amount of boxes it would take longer 😀 I can really only recommend these movers!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a move coming up soon, you probably have numerous questions regarding the planning and execution. Below are some important and frequently asked questions along with answers regarding the topic of moving and moving helpers.

When student movers are hired as part of a professional service, they are usually covered by the insurance of the moving company against damages. Conversely, if friends and family are helping you move, this is legally considered a favor. In this case, the liability insurance of the assisting individuals usually does not cover damages.

A move from a 4-room apartment typically takes 4-8 hours, including preparation, packing, and loading the truck. However, it’s always advisable to schedule a buffer time to deal with any unexpected difficulties.

A move from a small apartment usually costs between 250 and 600 euros. For a larger apartment with three rooms, an additional 300 euros should be budgeted.

So, the actual cost of a move in Berlin depends on the overall effort involved. If you’re moving within Berlin, you can budget around 500-1000 euros for moving costs, depending on how much household goods need to be transported.

One cubic meter of household goods costs about 25 euros. For example, moving a 3-room apartment with 75 square meters of living space costs around 750 euros.

On the website werkenntdenBESTEN, which collects reviews and recommendations for various service providers, the “Studentische Umzugshelfer Berlin” are among the top 10 moving companies in Berlin for the year 2023. They offer professional moving services and are particularly known for their reliability, efficiency, and cost-effective solutions.

Payment options for private customers:

  • Cash payment upon completion of the job
  • Payment with EC card upon completion of the job
  • Advance payment via bank transfer
  • For corporate moves, we typically offer a single payment method: bank transfer upon completion of the move. The costs for the move are transferred after its completion. For moves that span several weeks, days, or months, payments are made in agreed-upon installments.

Payment terms for corporate moves:

  • Bank transfer upon completion of the job

No stress, no hassle, and no more boxes. Studenten Umzug offers relaxed moves. We place great emphasis on reliability, competence, and solutions for every problem.

Do you have valuable items such as a piano, antique furniture, or glassware and dishes? No worries, our professionals in Berlin take care of the safe transport of these delicate and heavy items.

Do you have a valuable piano that needs to be carefully transported? Or do you have antique furniture or glassware and dishes? If you don’t hire a moving company, you’ll need to transport these special items safely.

With Studenten Umzug, this is no longer a problem. Our movers in Berlin are professionals who ensure the safe transport of delicate and heavy items.

Our hourly rate per mover is 13 euros, with a minimum booking of 2 hours. This means you can already move affordably with 2 movers for 2 hours starting from 48 euros.

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As of April 1, 2022, the flat-rate moving allowance was increased to 886 euros. An additional 590 euros can be claimed for each additional person moving with. This increased allowance applies to all job-related moves taking place since this date.

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